Busy Already?

My mother told me my naturalization interview was tomorrow at 7 in the morning, so I got all prepared and studied for the test today… turns out it’s not till Thursday, the 5th. =__-

LOL. My mother always gets my important dates wrong. Why? WHYYY?! I picked an outfit and everything, too. WOMPS. I really wanted to get this thing over with so I could move on to e-mailing people for a job. Sigh.

Maybe I should start giving out e-mails already. And I have to buy my books soon. ;__;

In other news, phone interviews make me nervous.  I hate talking to people on the phone.

Oh, and I have stuff to do for SPACE soon. Sheesh. I’m not even in school yet and I already have so many things to think about. O__O.

Thanks a lot, 2012.

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